The 10th Annual ATI Conference will be on Saturday, February 1st, 2014 from 8-4 p.m. at the Orange County Department of Education in Costa Mesa, CA.

To register:

For alternative payment methods or general inquiries, please contact Lauren Wetzler at or 714.361.6200 x226.

What is ATI?

The focus of the Assistive Technology Institute (ATI) is to provide therapists, educators, parents, and persons with disabilities the opportunity to learn about and interact with assistive technology, its manufacturers, its users, and others with similar needs. Our goal is to help enhance opportunities for learners from preschool to adult in order that they may compete and contribute in the twenty-first century.

The ATI participants will gain valuable knowledge and hands-on experience, which will aid in bringing new assistive technologies and curricular ideas to their schools, homes, educational offices, and businesses.

Who should attend?

  • Special Educators
  • Parents
  • Program Specialists
  • Therapists
  • Administrators
  • Persons with Disabilities
  • Anyone interested in the field of assistive technology

Event Partners